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How Macchina approaches supporting user development with our products.

Macchina products can be used by a wide range of people for a wide range of tasks. As great as that is, it make supporting user development a challenge. Please keep in mind the below are the best practices we have come up with for trying to help as many people as possible with our small team.

Step 1 (start here)

The first thing we need to do is try to identify the type of help you need and how to direct you within our company or community.

  • Are you beginner working on your first project and looking for advice? Go here

  • Is our documentation missing something that would benefit many people? Go here

  • Did you find an issue in a Macchina produced library or other related code? Go here

  • If you are looking to partner with Macchina or have us work on your product? go here

  • Are you an experienced engineer/developer with a technical question hoping to talk with a Macchina Engineer? Go here

  • Do you have shipping related questions? (invoice, tracking,...) go here

  • If you're interested in a bulk/resale ordering, go here

  • For custom orders (you want something about the HW or FW changed). Go here

  • For defective or broken products please. Go here

  • Are you outside the US and looking to buy Macchina products? Go here

  • For questions on lead times for new restocking products go here

Documentation Request

This is the easiest way to get support from us. If you think we are missing something from our docs, then please let us know and we will try to get it added. Please note that questions like "how do I tune my car" are not in scope for the documentation. Good examples include how to send a CAN message, how to blink an LED,...

To submit a doc request please email us the below information to,

  • Subject: Doc Request

  • Relevant product SKU(s):

  • What are you trying to do: (please be detailed, this will help us understand the use case)

  • What document/tutorial would help you: (be specific)

Submit a GitHub Issue

If you found an issue that has to do with a specific library or code base, raise an issue in the appropriate repo here:

We are always looking for ways to engage the community and leverage everyone's collective knowledge to build better open source libraries, examples, and projects. Right now we are considering adding a bounty program. If you have experience with something like this or other community building methods please send us your thoughts to , Subject: Dev Community Feedback.

Business Questions

For questions related to your business using Macchina products or support

  • Partnerships

  • Licensing designs

  • iOS authorization

  • Engineering services/looking for help

Please reach out to us at, Please including all of the following:

  • Subject: Business w/ (your_company_name)

  • Company: (who do you work for)

  • Company size: (how many people are full time with your company)

  • Company description: (what does your company do)

  • Title/focus: (what would you say you do exactly?)

  • Description/question: (please be detailed - let us know how we can help)

Ask a Macchina Engineer

Schematics are available in the documentation.

If you have a question you believe should have been answered by the technical documentation please submit a doc request here.

If your question relates to car specific things such as reverse engineering CAN messages we ask that you use this process to ensure you get the best possible help.

If you have a technical question that only a Macchina engineer can answer (this generally relates to design decisions made by Macchina) then please submit the below to

  • Subject: Macchina Technical

  • Related Product: (Name, SKU)

  • Question: (technical question)

  • Context: (Please provide as much detail surround your question as possible)

Please allow up to 2 weeks for us to respond.

In some cases like if you have a question related to working with a processor in a Macchina product we may refer you to an appropriate FAE better suited to speak to their product lines.

Lead time: we try to ship within 7 business days

Please remember we are small company, while we are trying to improve on shipping times we are not Amazon. If you have a critical date please reach out to us about expedited shipping options. (, Subject: Express Shipping)

Tracking: if you are looking for your tracking information you should receive it in the shipping confirmation email.

If you need an invoice changed or have another shipping related question please reach out to us (, Subject: Shipping - your order number )

Bulk/Resale Orders

If you would like to order a Macchina product in bulk quantities. Standard lead time is 10 weeks from PO placement (or payment). For a new customer we require 100% payment prior to kick off.


  • Only available for 100+ units (otherwise please use the in-store bulk discounts)

  • Assumes no changes to the design (otherwise scroll down to Custom Orders)

Please email with the below information

  1. Subject: Bulk Order Request

  2. Product SKU(s): Tell us what product(s) you are interested in, please use SKUs

  3. Quantity: Let us know how many you want in this order

  4. Packaging: Choose bulk packaging or standard Macchina individual unit packaging

  5. Requested Delivery Date: When do you need the order by

  6. Requested discount: From MSRP

  7. Other notes: Any other requests related to the project

email the above to

Custom Orders

If you would like to make a bulk order of a Macchina product but you need changes made to the PCB, enclosure, firmware, or other aspects of the design.


  • No MOQ

  • All custom orders will be produced by Macchina unless otherwise agreed on in a license agreement


  1. Email the below information to

  2. For simple changes that can be finished in a day we will make a quote with the number of engineering or other hours required to make the changes. For larger changes (multi day) we will work off a time and materials contract. In either case you will be billed at our hourly consulting rate.

  3. At this point we can estimate the cost of the final product

  4. We will produce a sample/ first article at a flat rate determined after engineering

  5. After you accept the first article we can place your first order, (based on CM pricing curves we suggest you target at least 500 unit runs)

Please email with the below information

  1. Subject: Custom Order Request

  2. Product SKU(s): Tell us what product(s) you are interested in, please use SKUs

  3. Use case: Describe your project

  4. Changes: What changes do you think your project needs

  5. Quantity: Let us know how many you want in this order

  6. Packaging: Choose bulk packaging or standard Macchina individual unit packaging

  7. Requested Delivery Date: When do you need the order by

  8. Budget: Please help us understand your financial goals, it helps to consider max NRE and max unit price right away

  9. Other notes: Any other requests related to the project

email the above to


Defective products

We don’t want to ship things that don’t work, so we test every unit before it leaves. That doesn’t mean customers never have issues, but it should be rare. If you are having an issue, please make sure you have eliminated the other possible causes (computer, cable, sd card, or other issues).

If you still believe our hardware is the issue please reach out to us at,

  • Subject: Product Defect

  • Order Number: (from your purchase confirmation email)

  • Current address:

  • Issue Description:

  • Pictures: (if you see visable damage)

We will send you a return label and get the replacement processed.


Sometimes you let the magic smoke out when trying to build cool things. We have seen people come up with interesting ways of accomplishing that. We like to see what happened.

Please email (, Subject: Magic Smoke Issue) us pictures of the hardware (especially if you can see an obvious issue) and what you were doing with the hardware, this is mostly for future design planning.

Most issues are not worth trying to fix. If we want to inspect the issue ourselves we will send you a return label.

If you want to replace the unit we will offer you a one time discount code (unless you make a habit of this).

International orders

We prefer to do international shipping through our resellers. We are willing to ship bulk orders internationally,

Sparkfun (Worldwide)

Digi-Key (US only)

Mouser (worldwide)

crowdsupply (US only)

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