Quick Start Guide

This guide will get you working with two of the most popular applications for A0: Torque and SavvyCAN.

Use A0 with Torque

The process of connecting A0 with non-Torque apps should be fairly similar to the the one shown below.

Connect via Bluetooth

Using your phone's Bluetooth settings, connect to ELM327-A0.

Configure Torque

Enter the settings in Torque, and then the "OBD2 Adapter Settings". Ensure connection type is set to Bluetooth and then select ELM327-A0 under the "Choose Bluetooth Device" option.


After this point consult the Torque Wiki to learn how to use Torque.

Use A0 with SavvyCAN

A0RET allows A0 to work with SavvyCAN via Wi-Fi, no wires needed!

Download SavvyCAN

Follow the link below to download the latest release of SavvyCAN as a zip archive. Then unzip to a folder.

Run SavvyCAN

First run vc_redist.x64.exe to install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable, then run SavvyCAN.exe to open SavvyCAN.

Add a Connection

Go to Connection->Open Connection Window to begin adding a new device.

At this point, plug A0 into the car. Then, from the computer running SavvyCAN, connect to its Wi-Fi network. The defaults are:


Password: aBigSecret

The default SSID and Password can be changed through the system menu as described in "Firmware Reference" section.

Click "Add New Device Connection" and select "Network Connection"; the IP address should pre-populate since we have already connected to A0's network.

You should now start seeing CAN traffic in the main window of SavvyCAN.

The A0-specific steps have now all been completed and you have free reign in the huge playground that is SavvyCAN, visit their extensive documentation below:

For a more detailed look at A0's built in capabilities, go to:

pageFirmware Reference

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