P1 CAN Vehicle Data

Use P1 to read vehicle data and export it to a CSV file.

Items Used

  • 1x P1

  • 1x Car with OBD-II port

Download P1 Vehicle Data Python Program

After connecting to P1 via SSH, run the command below to download the python program and save it to ~/scripts. (If using putty to SSH, just right click to paste!)

wget -P ~/scripts https://gist.githubusercontent.com/kenny-macchina/cf47daf663f9091460fc3454f5e38de9/raw/676f2a36f300fa8e5c9c43c05a7bc18af2479b5c/p1_data.py

Install Pip

Run the commands below to install the "Pip" package manager and reboot.

curl https://bootstrap.pypa.io/get-pip.py -o get-pip.py
python get-pip.py
sudo reboot now

Install Python-CAN Library

Run the commands below to install the python-can library and reboot.

pip install python-can
sudo reboot now

Collecting Data

First, start your car, then plug P1 into the OBD-II port and run the data collection program using the command below. (Make sure you're in the home directory beforehand by running the command "cd".) P1 will prompt for a password as the program sets up the CAN0 bus. After entering the password data collection will begin until the program is halted by pressing CTRL-C.

python scripts/p1_data.py

Retrieving Data

To download the CSV file from P1, the command below can be used to host an HTTP server on the port specified, this can then be visited in a web browser (from a computer on the same LAN) and the file(s) downloaded.

python3 -m http.server 1337

Example Results

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