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P1 CAN Vehicle Data

Use P1 to read vehicle data and export it to a CSV file.

Items Used

  • 1x P1
  • 1x Car with OBD-II port

Download P1 Vehicle Data Python Program

After connecting to P1 via SSH, run the command below to download the python program and save it to ~/scripts. (If using putty to SSH, just right click to paste!)
wget -P ~/scripts
Downloading the python program

Install Pip

Run the commands below to install the "Pip" package manager and reboot.
curl -o
sudo reboot now
Installing Pip, curl and reboot not shown.

Install Python-CAN Library

Run the commands below to install the python-can library and reboot.
pip install python-can
sudo reboot now
Installing python-can, reboot not shown.

Collecting Data

First, start your car, then plug P1 into the OBD-II port and run the data collection program using the command below. (Make sure you're in the home directory beforehand by running the command "cd".) P1 will prompt for a password as the program sets up the CAN0 bus. After entering the password data collection will begin until the program is halted by pressing CTRL-C.
python scripts/
Terminal while data collection is running

Retrieving Data

To download the CSV file from P1, the command below can be used to host an HTTP server on the port specified, this can then be visited in a web browser (from a computer on the same LAN) and the file(s) downloaded.
python3 -m http.server 1337
Hosting the HTTP server
Retrieving the file from a browser

Example Results

Vehicle and engine speed for a short drive around the block
Coolant temperature from the same test drive