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How to get the best possible help on you project

How to get help

If you have questions related to Automotive reverse engineering, CAN bus (or other protocols), or building your applications that leverage these technologies, please follow the below process. We want to help as much as possible and this is the best way to work with us and the community to build great projects.

General Process: We want you to submit your questions to both us and the Reddit Carhacking community. This way we can try to help in a public searchable place, but also get as many qualified eyeballs as possible (in many cases we have no experience with the car you're working on but someone at r/CH will) so you get great answers and hopefully start a good discussion.

Step 1: Fill out the below and submit it at

  • Make: (Ford, Toyota,...)

  • Model/Engine/trim: (Example: F-150, 5.4 V8, King Ranch)

  • Year: (what year is it!)

  • Description of your setup: (tools, wiring, include pictures...)

  • What are you trying to do: (example: roll my windows up on command, provide detail)

  • Context: (where are you stuck, what have you tried)

  • Relevant wiring diagrams: (I suggest including both the OEM and non OEM diagrams available from All-data. Try to include all the relevant systems computer data lines, DLC, and any target parts like the fuel pump.)

  • Attachments: relevant wiring diagrams, SavvyCAN logs, specific ECU details when applicable, Arduino or other sketches

Step 2: Send us a link to the reddit post to, subject: Start Support

We will share the link internally and add anything we can to the discussion. We try hard to provide as much support to these posts as possible.

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