Other Resources

For everyone:

  • Wiring diagrams: Many car specific questions can be answered by looking at its wiring diagram. Anytime you ask someone for help you should try to include wiring diagrams. On newer cars where diagrams are often missing you often have to use an older year's diagrams, it's not ideal but it will do in a pinch (unless this is the first year of a new generation; check the car's Wiki page for generation year cut offs).

  • r/carhacking: One of the best places to find like minded car nerds. This subreddit was actually started by Macchina M2 beta testers and has since grown into one of the best automotive electronics communities. With 20k subscribers you are pretty likely to find someone there who has tried to do what you are working on or at least has experience with the car you're working on.

Developers and Engineers:

  • Other documentation: For example A0 uses the ESP32-WROVER-E - Espressif provides a great support network including documentation and data sheets that will help. Many people develop for A0 with the Arduino IDE, you will find good documentation and resources on their site.

  • Macchina Dev Forum: Lots of good information relevant to developing for Macchina products here. Do a quick search of the forum to see if your question was answered in there. (We know this is not an ideal place to find answers quickly. We are currently trying to move relevant information out of the forum and into the docs).

  • CarHackingVillage: A group that travels to multiple conferences; usually security research and hacking related (e.g., DEFCON). They put on demonstrations, talks, competitions, and training. Great way to get hands on experience and meet knowledgeable people

  • SAE international: The organization that creates all of the J standards like J2534, J1939,...

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