M2 VIN Extraction

Use M2 to read a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and write it to an SD card.

Items Used

  • 1x M2

  • 1x Car with OBD-II Port

M2 Sketch

Upload THIS SKETCH to your M2, which queries the vehicle's Engine Control Unit (ECU) for the VIN and then writes it to a text file via the onboard SD slot.

Sketch Libraries

The sketch above makes use of multiple libraries, install them through the links below:

Collect VIN

With the vehicle running, plug M2 into the OBD-II port. M2 should flash yellow lights as it queries for the VIN, then light up green for success or red for failure. In either case pressing button 1 will make M2 try again, writing a new text file each time.

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