Next Steps with M2

Your M2 can blink its LED, now what?


Visit the dedicated SavvyCAN page.


If you want to use it with Can-Utils check out our socket-can guide and the Can-Utils GitHub to install this Linux program.

OBDII Scanner Sketch

If you want to query the ECU, all you need to do is upload this scanner sketch to M2:


Another program you can use is CanCat; it's similar to RfCat. This gives you a powerful python interface to reverse engineer the CAN bus.

Craig Smith

Craig has a number of programs that are based around socketcan and should, in theory, work with the slcan interface possible with M2RET. Examples: ICSim, UDSim, CaringCaribou. I haven’t tested them with an M2 but I think we ought to do so as they provide some useful things we would otherwise lack. I know that CaringCaribou didn’t work well when I tried it with a GVRET device a few years ago but the situation might be different now.

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