Next Steps with M2

Your M2 can blink its LED, now what?


Visit the dedicated SavvyCAN page.


If you want to use it with Can-Utils check out our socket-can guide and the Can-Utils GitHub to install this Linux program.

OBDII Scanner Sketch

If you want to quire the ECU all you need to do is upload this scanner sketch This will tell you what services your ECU has. If you have any trouble or want to post your results go over to


Another program you can use is CanCat; it's similar to RfCat. This gives you a powerful python interface to reverse engineer the CAN bus.

Craig Smith

Craig has a number of programs that are based around socketcan and should, in theory, work with the slcan interface possible with M2RET. Examples: ICSim, UDSim, CaringCaribou. I haven’t tested them with an M2 but I think we ought to do so as they provide some useful things we would otherwise lack. I know that CaringCaribou didn’t work well when I tried it with a GVRET device a few years ago but the situation might be different now.